Lente in die Boland

I'm in Stellenbosch, as I mentioned earlier. Yesterday was gloriously hot. In the last few weeks, I've been increasingly distressed by the fact that Cape Town seems not to have noticed that it's supposed to be early summer, despite the fact that it's nearly the end of October, so it was great to feel hot again.

And then, in the afternoon, the clouds began to build and build. And then it rained. Ok, it was missing the lightening and thunder, but it actually felt like a proper summer storm. It feels like forever since I was anywhere near a proper storm. I love them. The way the world goes quiet and the tension crackles in the air as they build and build. And then that glorious moment when the storm breaks and the wind swirls and rushes and then the rain falls, hard and strong, splatting on the ground. And I love the smell after a thunderstorm. All the world washed clean and the gentle whisper of damp earth and water. And the way the breeze is cool and refreshing after the storm, never cold. Nothing feels chilly and dead, the way it sometimes does in drizzle.

And last night, after the storm had broken and it had rained for a few hours, the clouds started to break up. They didn't blow away, they just broke up a little. I went and sat on the little balcony of the flat where I'm staying. On the one side of me, the moon started to rise through the clouds. A bright, silver-white full moon rising through the gaps in the clouds, painting their edges silver. And as it rose, it passed behind the branches of a the tree next to me, looking for all the world like it was playing a complicated game of hide and seek.

I sat there for most of the evening. It was absolutely beautiful. I'm sometimes so glad to be able to spend time here.

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